The whole world should impose sanctions on the USA …!

Because of this war in Ukraine between Russia and the United States (Ukrainians are just cannon fodder for the Americans), we are aware that humanity is going through the most difficult period since the human race existed, and all because of imbecile and schizophrenic politicians from America. These lunatics and jerks want to destroy, not only Russia, but the whole world, because they are aware that their time of domination and the United States as the world’s leading power is a thing of the past, so in their schizophrenic madness they decided to sink and sink. in a stinking toilet bowl, to cowardly „fight“ against the Russians over indoctrinated Ukrainians and Ukraine. Of course, they will not succeed in defeating the Russians, because Russia is the most militarily powerful country in the world, and the Americans will suffer the heaviest defeat and debacle since the United States existed as a state, in this proxy war against the superior Russians!

I only feel sorry for the Ukrainians, who as a people allowed their Nazi politicians (Poroshenko, Zelensky, Klitschko, etc …) to use them for their personal gain, because the Americans pay them dearly to destroy their own people and state, since it is clear to everyone that Ukraine cannot win the war against militarily superior Russians!

It is not worth the Americans that they are constantly sending weapons to Ukraine, because they have already lost the war against the Russians …

I suggest that many start writing articles on their blogs and websites to impose sanctions on Americans, on a political and economic level, from the vast majority of countries on the globe, because that would help those citizens, and the whole world, humanity.

This text of mine is not directed against American citizens, because they are the biggest victims of their crazy politicians! Our man Zoran Ivković, who lives and works in the USA, speaks best about that. However, he says that Americans are waking up more and more, that they are more and more aware that their biggest opponents are their leading political elite, which makes their lives hell, and I am sure that at a crucial moment they will understand that they should divide their country into more whole. America has 52 states in its composition, and it would be best, in my opinion, for 6-7 states whose citizens live similarly to unite and make one state, and thus make 6-7 similar entities from the United States. It will be better for them and for the whole world.

The majority libertarian world, the leading statesmen of all those countries and states, should appeal to the Americans to impose ruthless economic and political sanctions, just as they do to the Russians, because their imbecile politicians understand only the language of force. The United States should be expelled from all international political and economic organizations, and only when that happens, peace will reign in this world!

Zoran Ivkovic, a Serb who lives in the USA – The deep state is introducing „Putin’s“ tax in America

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