Ljubodrag Simonović – EU’s dirty truths, capitalism and global genocide

Ljubodrag Simonović – EU’s dirty truths, capitalism and global genocide

Link to this video on:http://www.youtube.com/
You can download this video by following this instructions.

In this recent interview Duci talks about:

  • the lack of radical critique of capitalism within the circles of the world’s top philosophers and publicists;
  • genocidal plans of the developed capitalist countries against the majority of the world’s population;
  • existance of Fascism in Germany from the World War II untill today;
  • sickening truths from the EU that nobody mentions in the media (pedofilia, missing children);
  • the rights of children versus the rights of homosexuals;
  • the Zeitgeist movement and it’s technocratic fascist character…

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