Ecological movement of Novi Sad: A public announcement about GMO in Serbia

Отпор увођењу ГМО у Србији се проширује, преведено је на енглески ово саопштење Еколошког Покрета Новог Сада да би људи из иностранства знали шта се догађа у Србији, не би ли нам пружили подршку, јер борба против ГМО и Codexa Alimentariusa је заједничка борба свих грађана света, свих народа на свету!

Прослеђујте овај текст својим пријатељима у иностранству са енглеског говорног подручја, објављујте га ако сте члан неког страног форума, блога, сајта, нека се истина непрекидно шири даље на информативном пољу интернета!
Хвала Саши и Тини на преводу.

Source: Ecological movement of Novi Sad
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document in Pdf:
A public announcement regarding untruthful statements broadcast on TV program „Signali“ TV Vojvodina shown on Tuesday,1 of March 2011.
document in Word 2003:
A public announcement regarding untruthful statements broadcast on TV program „Signali“ TV Vojvodina shown on Tuesday,1 of March 2011.


A public announcement regarding untruthful statements broadcast on TV program „Signali“ TV Vojvodina shown on Tuesday, 1 of March 2011.

Ecological movement of Novi Sad

In response to alarming increase in awareness among Serbian population about legalization of GMO, it was requested by Serbian Minister of Agriculture to be a guest on the above mention program, to repeatedly state disinformation in order to calm the public. For this occasion the Minister of Agriculture broth with him his foot boy, from the office of consumer protection, so that public could see who is paid to create illusory consumer protection, we thank the Minister for clarifying that, only now we can see how jeopardized we are.

The Minister of Agriculture has repeated his untruthful statements in which he stated that there are no attempts to legalize GMO produced food and organisms, even though there are facts that legislation has been drafted regarding GMO legalization, it has already been written and submitted for legal analyses, which has been given by his official representatives to a journalist of the „Kurir“ newspaper.

Presenting himself as a victim of unjustified harassment, the Minister by repeating his untruthful statements has just confirmed that critics that are aimed at him are justified. There should not be a Government allocated place to this kind of person.

In drafted legal document, mentioned above, is written:“ Currently work has been done on legal analyses to draft a legislation, and with the beginning of 2011, this drafted document will be put in the procedure of ratification.
This legislation should benefit Serbian people with greater assurance and quality of food, and preventively protect health and lives of our citizens.“

The same explanation was used when increased radioactive concentration of mineral fertilizers by five times, which enabled them to import radioactive waste, which ended up in farming areas of Serbia.

Further on the question was answered in written form, when asked by journalist from the „Kurir“ newspaper:“ Drafted legislation regulates methods and procedures, under which GMO should be used under enclosed systems ( experimental work with GMO in labs, glasshouses, i.e. enclosed systems ), intentional entry of GMO in living environment ( experimental entry of GMO in living environment under controlling conditions ), trade circulation of GMO and products made from GMO ( commercially grown GMO, import/export of GMO and products made from GMO, internal trade of GMO and products made from GMO, GM food and GM food for livestock ), transit of GMO and products of GMO, marking, handling and packaging GMO and products from GMO.“

This is so clear, that clearer could not be, that our current Minister of Agriculture is acting without shame in deceiving public.

Nikola Aleksic, s.r.

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