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About the situation of Kosovo and Metohija

Ljubodrag Simonović – a Replay to Noam Chomsky

Introduction to the book „A New World is Possible“, pub. 2007. by Dunja and Ljubodrag Simonovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Basis of contemporary critical theory of capitalism
Sport and cult
Sport and culture
Sport and philosophy
Sport and art
Sport and pedagogy
Sport and labour
Life as play

Excerpt from the book „The Olympic Deceit of The ‘Divine Baron’ – Pierre de Coubertin“

Olympism and fascism

Excerpts from the book „Philosophy of Olympism“ (pub.2004.)

Oympism and social darwinism
Coubertin and Nietzsche’s „Will to power“
Olympism and positivism
Modern and ancient olympism
Olympism as a positive religion
Olympism and modern physical culture
Olympism and play
Olympism and democracy

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